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This test is one of the most validated applications for assessing salespeople in use today. Current applications are based on more than 800,000 administrations internationally, making it the most widely used diagnostic instrument for assessing sales call reluctance® in the world.

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The Sales Prospecting Online Test is a limited purpose self-descriptive instrument used to assess the presence, predisposition, and degree of sales call reluctance® in candidates for sales positions.

Contact initiation with prospective buyers is a core competency for salespeople, and failure to “prospect” consistently for new business is the most frequently cited reason for poor sales performance. Neural network studies, using only call reluctance measures and unambiguous (objective) outcome measures such as dollars of commissions actually earned, have shown that contact initiation with prospective buyers, or the lack thereof, can predict high and low sales producers with up to 73% accuracy. So far, 12 distinct forms of sales call reluctance® have been identified. This test measures all 12 call reluctance® types and more.

The test is currently available in 6 languages: English, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Lithuanian

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English, Finnish, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish