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The Intelligence Online Test will assist you in making reliable choices based on the general intelligence level of the candidates. Access is 24/7 and in multiple languages.

(Please adjust quantity to the total number of candidates that you would like us to test. You will be asked to provide us with the candidate contact information in the last step of the order process.)

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Product Description

This test enables you to select your candidates based on intelligence level.

It’s an adaptive test which means no test is the same. During the test, the content is adapted to the level of the individual candidate. The candidate always gets the next question presented based on the information accumulated from the previous answers. No single test is the same.

The test is free from cultural and language bias which makes it ideal for international selection. There is no need to compare educational levels or diplomas. You’ll now be able to compare test scores side by side.

When you purchase the Intelligence Online Test we reach out to each of your candidates by email. They will receive a link to the online test. As soon as they have completed the test you receive a link to review their results.

You will see the candidate test results in a clear graphic overview which can be interpreted immediately.

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English(US), Dutch, French, German, English(GB), Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Portuguese(South America), Spanish(South America), Chinese, Swedish