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Our Recruiters do Live Screenings & Interviews of your Candidates, Recorded to Video – to help you select the best.

Worried that great applicants get overlooked?

Tired of wasting time on interviewing the wrong candidates?

Let’s face it, when it comes to hiring, you don’t want hundreds of candidates. You just need the most talented and productive people out there, without wasting much money or time on recruiting. We know finding great staff is stressful and expensive. Let us help along the process, by conducting screenings, interviews and online testing on your behalf.

Send us your interviewable candidates and we’ll help you assess them live, fast and at fair rates!

How can we help you assess
the best professionals quickly?

In order to speed up and make the hiring process more effective, our team of expert recruiters is here to help. We conduct live candidate screening and live interviews – which are captured on video – and we take care of online testing, just so you don’t have to. Read on, to see what we do to make hiring great people easier.

We do 30 minute candidate screening

From our experience, it’s best to screen many candidates early in the process.

Interviewables’ experienced recruiters will simplify your hiring decisions by:

  • Conducting live screening interviews recorded to video, so you can watch them at any time
  • Making it possible for more candidates to “be heard” in the process
  • Building a stronger employer brand by screening all qualified applicants that fit
  • Using the videos to scan and instantly know which applicants have the potential you’re after.

Why Screen?

  • It saves you time and money
  • It checks the background basics of the candidate
  • Helps you get a feel for the applicant’s skills, prior experience and personality
  • It’s a time saver, sparing the pointless interviews
  • No more wasting the time of your senior staff by involving them too early
  • Use the video screening to eliminate candidates who don’t make the cut for an interview
  • You get to focus only on interviewing the best ones

We do efficient interviews: 1 or 2 hours. It’s your call!

We do a personal live interview to explore the candidate’s personality, competences and motivations. Next, we give you the recorded interview. From there, you can evaluate the applicants yourself, or together with other stakeholders, then proceed with the best fit for the job opening.

Why struggle, when you can outsource your interviews for better and more efficient results?

Key benefits:

  • Optimize your schedule. Allocate more time on what matters the most
  • Your HR & hiring managers can view the videos at their own convenience
  • Share the best interviews with colleagues, peers and hiring managers
  • No travel time or traveling expenses

Swift turnaround guaranteed: we can conduct the interviews within 24 hours. Once completed, you will instantly receive the link for viewing.

We do Instant Online Testing

Get the full picture of your candidate’s potential with our fast and highly-efficient Online Testing services.

  • Choose the Personality, Intelligence or Sales prospecting tests
  • Candidates can take tests online at their convenience 24/7
  • You receive the scores right away

Remove any doubts before you move forward and get the best talent pool without overspending. With us, you’ll no longer fear that you may be overlooking your next great employee.

Extra reasons to choose Interviewables for your screenings, interviews and tests:


Top in-language recruiting experts
Our recruiters are native speakers of many languages such as English, Swedish, German, Danish, Spanish, French, Finnish, Norwegian, Arabic, Thai, Indian, Russian and many more. If you need a language that’s not on the list, do not hesitate to ask us. We’re known to do magic.


Quality international assessments
Embrace diversity! Let’s grow your business with skilled professionals from across the world. Access global talent without worrying about cultural barriers. With us, you have the unique opportunity to recruit in markets where you don’t have first-hand knowledge.


Access unparalleled sourcing 24/7
Be sure you always have assessed candidates ready to be hired. With us, you can build an ever-updating bank of qualified talent by screening continuously as interesting applications roll in between posted jobs. Whenever new hiring needs would appear, you’ll already have good applicants “on hand”.

We save you the time it takes to book and perform live screenings, interviews and tests for your future employees.

The best part? You have it all saved and recorded to refresh your memory at any time. You can share and discuss the recordings with the stakeholders. It’s never been easier to decide who is the perfect fit for your business.

Our vision is a world in which every candidate who applies to an open position gets an objective job interview, no matter the position, age, gender, language or religion.

“Why Screen Job Candidates? Top 7 Irrefutable Reasons”

Click here to read the post by our Founder, Peder Hansson

Why our customers love us

“The ability to quickly and easily get professional recruitment support in several languages when it comes to screening, interviews and tests have been invaluable to us because we work in an international environment with highly skilled employees.”

Patrik Svanerudh, Ph. D., CEO, Designtech Solutions AB
“Every time we’ve hired the help with our candidate screenings and interviews it’s been a success. There’s no going back to the old way. We can heartily recommend this support for every recruitment process.”
Jan Wimander, CEO, In The Cold AB
“We had a wish, that at an earlier stage in our recruiting process, we could be more sure of which candidates we take further in the process. We then implemented screening interviews into our recruitment process. The result is positive for us but also for our candidates “
Mikael Nilsson, CEO, Relitor AB

helps you select
the best staff
in any business
or industry.

How it works


First, you review your applicants. Select all who meet your criteria, then enter the Screening, Interviewing or Testing phase with us.

Step 1

Create your Interviewables order. Choose Screening, Interviewing and/or Tests.
It takes just 5-10 mins.

Step 2

We carry out the order and give you the link to access the result (video recordings or test scores).

Step 3

You review the interviews or test results & identify those who make the cut to your next level.


Take the candidates to the next step in your hiring process.
(If it involves more interviewing or testing, we are here to help!)

Interviewables Pricing & Products

Maximize your talent bank without breaking the bank

Answers to your questions

Do you find us the candidates?
No. Unfortunately we don’t find and source candidates. That is 100% your call. The part where we can help is the Screening, Interviewing and Testing. You select the ones that meet your criteria, then you let us carry the screening, interviews or handle the online testing.

How do you provide your services at such a good rate?
Our experts have been in the recruiting business for years. Together, we’ve developed great interviewing, screening and testing techniques. We got to maximize our efficiency, while minimizing the costs. That’s one of the perks of hiring the best people. And that’s what we can do for you, too.

What happens if I am not satisfied?
If you’re not entirely satisfied, it’s not the end of the world. You have one week to report any dissatisfaction with our services. We’ll handle your complaint as soon as possible and if your concerns prove to be legitimate, we will refund you.

You are NOW ready to hire the best candidates!